Quality & Affordable
CAT6 UTP RJ45 Connector

CAT6 Patented Design

Each CAT6 RJ45 connector (Model: TA3368-DU) has 3 components:
RJ45 main unit, Load Bar, Anti Cross-talk Divider.
The boot is sold separately.

Min-Max serving temperature:
-40ºC to 125ºC (Short term, 24 hours)
-20ºC to 105ºC (Long term).

Comes with Installation Guide

Not sure on how to install it right? No worries.
Telebox has its installation guide to help you assemble your network cable to the RJ45 connector properly.

Heavy Duty CAT6 UTP Crimping Tool

This crimping tool is designed for Telebox CAT6 UTP RJ-45 Connector. It is manufactured with a solid metal, patented design and high quality craftmanship for heavy duty purpose.

You can count on this tool for accuracy and reliability to produce a proper and effective termination of your network cable.

It has the following features:
- Adjustable blade for wires stripping
- Adjustable blade for cable cutting
- Handler opening adjustment

This will be your one-time investment and you can use it many times for many years to come.