Quality & Affordable CAT6 Shielded RJ45 Connector

CAT6 Shielded Patented Design

Each CAT6 STP RJ45 connector (Model: TA3368-DS) has 3 components:
RJ45 Metal-shielded main unit with cable binding, Load Bar, Anti Cross-talk Divider.
The Hardcase Boot is sold separately. Strain Relief is not included.

Min-Max serving temperature:
-40ºC to 125ºC (Short term, 24 hours)
-20ºC to 105ºC (Long term).

Cable Binding Feature

Telebox CAT6 STP RJ45 comes with built-in cable binding feature to hold the cable as well as tie the drain wire well for anti-static protection.

This binding feature will provide a strong cable binding to the RJ45 connector and not easily be removed.

Hardcase Boot

Telebox hardcase boot is also available (Strain Relief is not included). Function to protect CAT6 STP RJ45 Connector from accidental hit or damage between cable and connector area. It has a locking feature to assure the boot is intact covering the RJ45.

CAT6 STP RJ45 Installation Guide

This installation guide is created to help you terminate your cable to the connector correctly. It is available in PDF format as well as printed version.

CAT6 STP Crimping Tool

Model: HT3328-GN

Telebox Heavy Duty Solid Crimping Tool for TA3368DS CAT6 STP SHIELDED RJ-45 Connector.

This crimping tool is designed for Telebox CAT6 STP RJ-45 Connector. It is Constructed with right design engineering, carbon steel, consistent handle, internal spring machinery, high quality craftmanship and long life span.

This tool is created to produce a precise CAT6 Shielded RJ-45 termination on your network cable.

It has the following features:
- Patented crimping design
- Adjustable pressure
- Bind and crimp at the same time to save time

Please see the image for more detail craftmanship and its quality