RF-Element Symmetrical Antennas and TwistPort Adaptors

Strong Metal Structures

RF Element Symmetrical Sectors are solid metal structures - they are built to last. It uses the best available materials: die cast, stamped and extruded aluminium, high quality ABS plastic and stainless steel hardware.

Compact Size

RF Element Symmetrical Sectors are 20-25% footprint of traditional Sector antennas. Compact size saves tower rental fees and makes them easy to install on places where mainstream Sectors would not be allowed due to their shape and size.


RF Element offers wide range of antenna models with exact beam pattern from 30° to 90°. Unique beam performance and high co-location ability allow much higher density of sectors than traditional technology.

By replacing wide traditional Sectors with multiple of Symmetrical Sectors, you can increase the throughput on AP by several multiples and with amazing return on investment.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

TwistPort™ connector allows simple and easy integration between any of Simper™ Radios with any of TwistPort™ (TP) enabled antennas when planning your network. When using third party wireless platforms, such as UBNT™, MikroTik™ or Cambium Networks™.

TwistPort for Mikrotik

The product is entirely and completely Simper™ design without compromises on performance, with ability to use benefits and features of MikroTik™ RouterOS™ included with every RouterBoard™.

Shielded Casing

Shielded Adaptor for MikroTik™ RouterBoard™ is equipped with additional metal cage hidden inside the enclosure. This aluminum shield is created to improve the performance and minimize signal interference.