Mikrotik Affordable and Reliable Routing and Wireless Solutions

Many useful features in one hardware

Mikrotik is well known for its affordability and its many capabilities:
- Multi-WAN connections
- Load balancing
- Internet fail-over
- Firewall security
- Bandwidth management
- Internet hotspot with customized login page
- Web proxy URL, keyword filtering
- Torrent filtering
- Layer-7 HTTPS filtering
- VPN with VPN fail-over
- Caching
- Managed switch function (on Cloud Router Switch Series)
- Many more...

Useful Configuration Tool for Mikrotik RouterOS

To configure Mikrotik devices, you can either do it through its web-based interface or through its proprietary configuration tool called WINBOX.

Winbox is a FREE small utility that allows administration of Mikrotik RouterOS using a fast and simple GUI. It is a native Win32 binary, but can be run on Linux and Mac OSX using Wine.

Download Winbox now

Mikrotik RouterOS Software License Levels

Mikrotik RouterOS has 6 different license levels to choose from. Mikrotik router usually has license level ranging from Level4 to Level6. While Mikrotik Wireless device has either License Level3 or Level4.

Prior purchasing a Mikrotik software or hardware, it is advisable to check its license level.

Mikrotik Authorized Distributor in The Philippines

Small Router Series

Small-sized Router series for home or small businesses, can also be used in branch offices with small number of users.

Cloud Router Switch Series

Affordable Layer-3 managed switches with routing function

Cloud Core Router Series

Enterprise-level Rackmountable Router Series to manage large number of users

Wireless series

Variety of wireless devices for different environment

Looking for Mikrotik Trainings?
We have them for you

Mikrotik Non-Certification Training

We provide these trainings for clients who are not aiming for certification, but interested to learn Mikrotik features and its configurations.

The training rate is far more affordable and each training comes with a step-by-step guide, which is suitable for beginners.

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Mikrotik Certification Training

These certification trainings are intended for I.T. Professionals such as network engineer, network administrator, system integrator, network consultant, IT manager.

It comes with online exams, for those participants who pass the exam will have a certificate direct from Mikrotik.

Mikrotik certificates are internationally recognized.

Check these certification trainings