Hon Trace Affordable & Reliable CAT6 Shielded Outdoor Cable

Value-For-Money CAT6 Outdoor Cable Solution

Hon Trace CAT6 Outdoor Network Cable will surely meet your expectation in term of quality standard as well as your tight budget.

Its premium CAT6 outdoor network cable has been tested and deployed by many Philippine's system integrators nationwide. The cable has been proven to last long against the heat of sun during day time.

Built to last

Hon Trace CAT6 Outdoor Network Cable is designed for outdoor rugged environment. Its jacket is manufactured using a special outdoor-grade weatherproof material instead of standard PVC material

Inside this cable, it has 23AWG conductor, which is international standard for CAT6 category. And also, there is anti cross-talk divider to separate each pair of conductors.

Its insulated conductors are protected and wrapped properly with Aluminum Mylar shield to avoid electromagnetic interference as well as reduce electrical noise.

Last, another advantage of this cable, it is also equipped with anti-static drain wire to protect the cable from electrostatic discharge impact.

Strong reasons to choose this cable

Here are strong reasons why you should consider getting Hon Trace CAT6 Outdoor Network Cable for your outdoor project:
- It is an outdoor-grade weatherproof cable
- It is tested with Fluke Tester and passed
- It contains 100% pure copper, it is not CCA
- It uses solid 23AWG conductor
- 305 meters length, no cut, no reduction at the end of the cable
- Gigabit speed ready
- Durable and strong
- Heat resistance, up to 60 degree celcius
- Cold resistance, up to minus 40 degree celcius
- Excellent moist resistance
- Longer cable life
- Reasonable and affordable price
- has been used and REPEATEDLY ordered by many system integrators for their outdoor installation for IP Cameras, network connection, wireless outdoor.

Thank you for your email, by the way I am very happy with the performance of the cables actually I will be dropping by your office next week to get more from you.

Edward Bicierro

The one I've used from UnitedPlexus was a good brand. So far I have not encountered any problem with it.

Adrian Sagubo Bagwan

So far we have not experienced problems with them since their deployment 2 to 3 years ago. We 'll still use them for our future installations.

Philip Chan

HonTrace FTP outdoor cable is so fine with our deployments. The cable is easy to deploy and very easy to terminate since most RJ45 connectors easily fit it.

Glen Bastes