"Any job very well done that has been carried out by a person who is fully dedicated is always a source of inspiration."

Interested to work for us?

From time to time, we are searching for a new applicant to work for us in various departments, either as a replacement or as additional manpower.

If you have what it takes to help us grow, at the same time, excel with what you are good at, please do not hesitate to apply... Try your luck, to be one of us.

How do we treat our staff?

Don't expect us to treat you with Tender Loving Care (TLC), you can only expect this from your parents or your loved ones.

What we can emphasize is that, we take care our staff fairly. We have a friendly corporate culture, we also emphasize on a balance between work and life. We don't look down on our staff. We provide reasonable compensations to our staff.

What kind of personalities are we looking for generally?

We are looking for a person who has outgoing, humble and friendly personality. Why we mention these, because you will have to communicate and interact with clients.

If you are not friendly, and very very quiet person, it will be hard to talk or to explain to clients.

What kind of characters do we need?

Nowadays, very hard to find a trusted staff. We had several bad experiences with our previous staff, and we don't want to repeat getting these crooked mentality people to work for us.

Honest, trustworthy, discipline, loyal, responsible, not lazy, initiative, helpful are very important for us. Even though you don't have top-notch grades, but if you have these good characters, that's already a blessing for us and you better make a move to apply for the position that you are interested to.

Are these job positions difficult for me?

They are and they aren't. It depends on how you think of it. If you set this in your mind to be difficult, then you will see more obstructions rather than opportunities.

If you set your mind to be open and find these positions fun and interesting, then, you will love the job and will see more opportunities as you go along.

Apply Now

Since you know what kind of person that we are looking for, you think that you can be an asset rather than a liability, you may apply now by submitting your resume to us.

Job positions are specified on the gray section below, you may check which one you are interested to, then, You can email your resume to career @ unitedplexus.com. Please put the job position as a subject.

We will get in touch with you if you are shortlisted. Good luck...

What are we looking for?
We are currently looking for an IT Sales Executive to do the following tasks:
- Prepare quotes to clients
- Build and maintain business relationship with existing clients
- Take care client's concern or requirement promptly
- Persuade client to get our solutions and services
- Follow up the quotations from clients
- Help other colleagues if needed

What is the minimum education requirement for this position?
Well, you don't have to be a 4-year course graduate to apply this position. Your diploma in IT related or marketing or business course is more than sufficient for us to accept you. So, don't be shy to apply for this position.

What are we looking for?
We are currently looking for a Junior IT Support Officer to do the following tasks:
- Handle technical support and troubleshooting on desktop, notebooks
- Perform LAN network support and troubleshooting
- Handle I.T. Network equipment installation and configuration at client side
- Perform technical demo at client side Learn and test network equipment
- Analyze client's I.T. Requirement, recommend and design a network diagram
- Create a report on each support ticket, ensure all works are recorded properly
- Provide technical assistance and training to internal and external clients.

What is the minimum education requirement for this position?
We need a person to have a 4-year IT or computer engineering or relevant course graduate to apply this position.

What are we looking for?
We are currently looking for a Web& Graphic Designer to do the following tasks:
- Create and design marketing, sales and training materials
- Create templates of marketing collaterals and advertisements offline and online
- Update and maintain company's official website as well as its facebook page
- Taking charge of photos taking during training and other events
- Taking care of official websites, such as update, maintenance
- Taking care the online products promotion in several websites
- Taking care of creating company blogs from different online sources
- Create animation as well as video for marketing purposes
- Conceptualization and creation of series of product ads
- Create power point presentation for sales people
- Create and compile case studies in PDF and PPT format
- Create e-catalog of carried products.

What is the minimum education requirement for this position?
Minimum diploma in IT related or creative art course is more than sufficient for us to accept you.